Studio & Art School

Le Créatoire is a space designed for artistic practice. We do painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil, on glass…) and sculpture (size, clay or plastiline modeling). The studio has a ceramic firing oven. Elastomer molds are also made there for the printing of resins or waxes, intended for the bronze foundry.

Thanks to its multiple openings and its north-facing roof glass, it receives significant and constant natural light at any time of the day or year. This indirect light is ideal for painting or modeling.

The studio is equipped with all the equipment and supplies necessary for these practices and can accommodate you for weekly lessons or internships.

The studio is designed according to the latest normative standards, in particular for the safety or reception of people with disabilities.

Le Créatoire is a private place, the studio of the artist Grégory Poussier,
which hosts the Association of the same name.