2 weeks of figurative sculpture with Grégory Poussier, in his studio, Le Créatoire – South of France – from July 2022 the 4th to the 15th.

“Come to meet me during 2 weeks of intense sculpture workshop in my studio and I will make you visit south of France around Toulouse, Carcassonne, Albi, the Canal du midi and other nice places.”

Grégory Poussier

The workshop is provided in English and French. Description en français.

The Sculpture Workshop takes place in Grégory Poussier studio, Le Créatoire, in Montmaur (1 rue de la République 11320 France, we can pick you up in the Toulouse international airport). 

A combination of more than 65 hours of sculpting with 20 hours with a model in the studio,
and more than 20 hours to visit the main places around
(Toulouse, Carcassonne, Albi & Cordes sur Ciel, boat on the Canal du midi)

It all takes place in a country area, with green all around. A swimming pool near the studio for the end of the day.  

You will work on anatomy and learn how to model a sculpture thanks to a live model and pictures. You will understand how to build a composition with main volumes and plans, how to measure properly the main benchmarks, to ensure the correct position of the global volumes. Then you will learn how to model, step by steps, muscles, flush bones under a tight skin, and elements of anatomy. You will see the appropriate gesture in order to how to use tools, and when to use them. You will understand how to empty the core to fire it without breakages. You will learn how to fix breakages, then you will learn how to end finely thanks to brushes. You will also work on draps to dress the sculpture with shadows and lights. You will learn the main anatomical proportions for the body and the face.

“I started sculpture because I was fascinated by the range of emotions, of story intentions that can be transmitted through this medium. But for the story to be understandable, the anatomy must be respected, the sculpture must be fair, and the composition elegant. It is an endlessly renewed challenge for those who tackle it … “


They have experienced the Workshop

Here is Susan Testomonial who followed the 2 weeks workshop in September 2021, in Le Créatoire  with  Grégory Poussier .   “I have enjoyed clay modelling in all its various forms for several years. I was enchanted by the sculptural art of Grégory Poussier which I saw on Facebook. When I noticed he was offering a course at his studio Le Créatoire I could not resist the offer. I wanted to learn how sculptors past and present had mastered their work with such precision. The workshop was both technical and uplifting in its creative guidance – some hard work but always pleasurable with a patient, delightful tutor. The studio, Le Créatoire, is superb. Light and airy with views to the surrounding countryside – perfect for sculpture. I was travelling with my husband. The housing in roulotte (gypsy caravan) was well equipped, ideally located and fine for the 2 week duration. I enjoy the welcome and the atmosphere during the workshop. A delightful warm welcome with kind consideration throughout the stay. About the pedagogical approach and the method, personally I prefer to learn by example and this was exhibited throughout along with some technicalities. Always cheerful and patient, Grégory made the experience so rewarding. I will now develop my sculptural works differently, use tools in a new way and follow the new path I have discovered. This workshop at the Créatoire has reinvigorated my enthusiasm and shown me new possibilities in my personal life. I would encourage others to experience this opportunity. Grégory is a capable teacher, a gifted sculptor and terrific company too!!”


Angmering BN164JW - UK

Clay and material are provided. Cost includes the time in the studio, all material and tools provided, and model session. It includes also the visit tour in the different places. The last dinner all together is included in the price. In the standard price, it doesn’t include the housing (different places in the village are available, all can be done by foot) and the meals (except the last dinner). For the dishes it is possible to cook in every B&B proposed. In the B&B, you can come with friends our relatives who can enjoy the hollidays even if they don’t participate in the workshop… 

Detailed programm for information*

*The following programm can be modified according to the organization necessity or attendees constraints.

  • You will arrive by plane, train or car, the day before the workshop.
  • Day One – Monday: Presentation of the studio, we meet each others. We start with fundamentals. Then we start to sculpt, main volumes with the life model.
  • Day Two: sculpting thanks to pictures taken the day before with the model on pose, 360° picture poses.
  • Day Three: Toulouse tour, with La Halle de la Machine and its incredible moving Minotaure. The city center, with the Capitole, the river, the Saint Sernin and the Augustin Museum.
  • Day four: sculpting and measurements of the main proportions. Start to model the global anatomy.
  • Day five: sculpting the head, hollow the body, place the global anatomy.
  • Day Six: sculpting in the morning, Canal du midi boat trip in the afternoon, with Castelnaudary visit, after a typical “Cassoulet” lunch in front of the canal…
  • Day Seven: sculpting the detailed body, muscles, bones, free afternoon for the ones who wants a break…
  • Day Eight: sculpting with life model ! Detailed body, hands and foots.
  • Day nine: Carcassonne tour, and vineyeard of Cabardes castel visit.
  • Day twelve: end of the sculpture, packing. Time to leave the day after… Last diner all together.

Meeting eachothers, learning togethers, sharing our passion, in a simple and familiar environment. Be sure everyone will find his/her own place and enjoy to practice sculpture. These are my expectations for the workshops.

Grégory Poussier

There is an uncertainty in the schedule of the workshop because of the pandemy context.
Of course, we will keep you informed about the restrictions in France… If the workshop is postponed, you will be integrally refunded.